Want To Play For Us?

Development Teams
Main Contact – u5 – u6

managerKevin Hoult

phone number 07963 662646

Spondon Dynamos (small sided)
Main Contact – u7 – u12

manager Kerry Moore

phone number 01332 239697 / 07989 926670


Spondon Dynamos
Main Contact – u13 – u18 (11 v 11)

managerKevin Hoult

phone number 07963 662646


Set yourself up with a trial

If you think that you might want to play for Spondon Dynamos. Please contact the relevant manager in the ‘Our Teams’ section, who will be glad to give the details of how to attend a training session.

What we expect from you

  1. Commitment. Turn up for training and matches on time, and let your manager know your plans as soon as possible.
  2. Understanding. To treat your team-mates with respect, and value each person’s contributions as their best.
  3. 100%. If a job is worth doing then it is worth doing well. It’s an old saying but it really is true. You will feel better about yourself and you can go away with the feeling that you have done your best. Nobody will ask you for anything else.
  4. Professionalism. Accept criticism without argument, our aim is to make you the best footballer you can be.


What to expect from us

  1. Dedication. All our managers give up a tremendous amount of their own free time to run our teams.
  2. Fairness. All children will be given the same treatment, and the same chances as everybody else.
  3. Friendship. Many friendships are made whilst playing for a football team.
  4. Feedback. You will be given praise and criticism in its rightful place, in order to make you the best player you can be.
  5. Support. We will nurture your own style of football. Flair and individuality cannot be manufactured, and we will endeavour to retain and develop your skills, whilst fitting it into the team’s requirements for discipline and teamwork. All our managers are trained, and have their own written or mental notes about your strengths and weaknesses. They will work with you to enhance your on-pitch awareness and to become a team player.
  6. Safety. Your safety will always be our main concern. A trained First Aider attends each training session and match.